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A workshop on SOS Tools is going to be held on 8-9th March 2014 at IIT Roorkee's Greater Noida Campus, Knowledge Park-II.

We are very sad to know that we have lost the founder P.I. of SOS project Dr. J.D. Sharma. We will truly miss him always.


Cardinal philosophy of the Mission

There are three guiding philosophies for this effort :

[a] No talent of the country should be allowed to go waste
[b] All the services available through the content delivery portal Sakshat should be free
[c] Freely available material on the web should be used so as to avoid reinventing the wheel.

Yet another philosophy adopted in the area of Connectivity is that instead of purchasing costly LAN / WAN [Local Area Network/Wide Area Network] equipments for each of the institutions, this entire activity is proposed to be outsourced to the network provider such as Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) etc. The recent statement of the Minister for Communication & IT indicating that State owned companies like BSNL etc. would enter into content hosting themselves and then the country would be moving towards free broadband for all a demand articulated by us for sometime now, after H.E., the President of India voiced his dream of free connectivity for all at the time of launching of Sakshat: A One Stop Education Portal of the MHRD.

Objectives of the Mission

  1. The development of knowledge modules having the right content to take care of the aspirations and to address to the personalized needs of the learners
  2. Research in the field of pedagogy for development of efficient learning modules for disparate groups of learners
  3. Standardization and quality assurance of contents to make them world class.
  4. Building connectivity and knowledge network among and within institutions of higher learning in the country with a view of achieving critical mass of researchers in any given field.
  5. Availability of e-knowledge contents, free of cost to Indians.
  6. Spreading digital literacy for teacher empowerment.
  7. Experimentation and field trial in the area of performance optimization of low cost access/devices for use of ICT in education.
  8. Providing support for the creation of virtual technological universities.
  9. Identification and nurturing of talent.
  10. Certification of competencies of the human resources acquired either through formal or non-formal means and the evolution of a legal framework for it and
  11. Developing and maintaining the database with the profiles of our human resources.

“All Software tools presented here are underdevelopment Beta version”
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